Customers Who Experience us

I have consistently experienced the best residential support services of my life with  Uta Property Management. The staff are friendly and helpful… Anytime I have submitted a maintenance request I have received a prompt response.  I have an optimal living environment

Kyle Simon

Thank you so much!! I have loved living in Carriage House Apartments and I’m going to miss living with Uta so much! You guys run a great service and I had a wonderful year. Your timely and friendly response to all concerns was a pleasure to have and I honestly couldn't have had a better living experience. Thank you again!”

Brittany Foxx

I would like to thank you for your kindness and professionalism. My roommate and I were very impressed with how you handle your business… Being a college student can render poor service from businesses, restaurants, etc., but you have treated us with the same professionalism and care as any other client.

Kristina Jones

I was very surprised to find such close apartments to the University in Utarlington  and they have great rooms at a great price. Thanks for helping me in such a short amount of time. Pros: Fast, friendly, great rooms and location. Cons: Wish I would have looked here sooner : )

Mark Foster

Uta is one of the best company we did business with in Texas. They are very professional and friendly. We look forward to do business with them in the future. Great company! I recommend to everyone leaving in Utarlington! ”

Samantha Gilbert

It is with pleasure and confidence that I recommend UTA to any homeowner/property investor in Ann Arbor area who may looking for a property management company to supervise their rental needs..

Edward Woo